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Learn How To Fix The Yellow Light Of Death

Le 5 novembre 2014, 02:29 dans Humeurs 0

The yellow light of death just plain sucks. The LED flood lamp has to top the list as stupid problem that PS3 users have to deal with. After you drop a few hundred bucks on a high end console you expect that you will enjoy it for a long time, then boom, you get darn light and you know that you are going have to waste game playing time and money to fix the yellow light of death. We're going to help you out with 3 tips on how to fix the yellow light of death.

Turn the PS3 off and give it some time to cool off

You know when you call tech support, one of the first things they ask you to do is to restart your system. They do this because sometimes it is just as simple as restarting your system, but in this case it will be the console. Be sure to give the console at least 20 to 30 good minutes before turning it back on. For the brilliant rocket scientists that keep their system on for a week on a God of War 3 marathon, it may be as simple as your system overheating. 30 minutes should be sufficient in cooling the console down if this is indeed the problem. Since you are turning it off, you will also want o do a quick check of all the cables to make sure they are connected correctly. Also rip the hard drive out put it back in to make sure that is firmly inserted like it should be. This may help solve the LED street lamps of death.

Give Sony their Yellow Lit Brick

So you turned it off and waited for countless hours and it still doesn't work? Well then my friends, overheating probably isn't your problem. It's a very easy way to fix the yellow light of death, but if you're one of the truly unlucky ones then you have a more serious problem with your console. One option is to contact Sony and arrange to send it back to them to fix the yellow light of death. Hopefully you've kept your warranty up to date. If not, expect to spend $150 to get the yellow light of death fixed. Also don't expect a quick turnaround as it will be at least a month before you get your console back from getting the yellow light of death fixed.

Go MacGuyver, fix the LED outdoor lighting of death yourself.

Paperclip, check. Screwdriver, check. That shipping it back to Sony idea is looking better and better. Just kidding. If you are technically inclined, you may want to save your hard earned money and take a stab at fixing the yellow light of death yourself. It is not as difficult as you may think and most people can do it safely and without much hassle. Again, going at it yourself does save money if your warranty has expired and you'll be able to keep all the data on the hard drive. Understand that Sony will most likely clear the contents of your drive in the troubleshooting process, so if your racked up all kinds of high scores and downloaded games, this may be the best option in fixing the yellow light of death.

Now before you start unscrewing stuff, make sure to get LED panel light product Fix Guide so you will actually know what you are doing when trying to fix the yellow light of death.

How LED Lights Makes Clubbing With More Fun

Le 28 octobre 2014, 02:03 dans Humeurs 0

All-night parties give party goers the freedom to express themselves the best way they'd love to. Young people as well as the young-at-heart are most fond of attending such parties as they enjoy the extra-special atmosphere all-night parties provide. The timing of these parties makes it important to use LED gu10 bulbs in order to make the all-night parties come alive.

LED lights are the latest and, possibly, the best when lighting technology is being discussed. They are better than the other existing lighting options in the market in most regard. LED lights consume less power; this makes them great to use, especially if you care about the environment. The lighting effect provided by LED lights is superior to the other lighting options. They are now being used in the manufacture of diverse products due to their small sizes.

You can make your all-night party come alive by using LED lights for the dance floor. When used for a dance floor, gu10 LED bulbs price create a lively and beautiful scene, especially in a case where extended dance floor is used. Your guests would be awed by the wonderful lighting effect that the LED lights would conjure.

Illumination of an all-night party scene is not the only way LED lights can be used at the party. LED lights are also utilized in multicolor displays that can be used to pass important information across to guests. The LED displays make your all-night party come alive, and they could also show video clips. LED Glasses, LED Candles, LED Ratchet, Magic LED Spinning Ball, LED Glow sticks and LED Flowers are some other gu10 LED bulbs wholesale that could be used at an all-night party.

All-night party goers are now into using jewelry and clothing accessories that utilize LED lights in their designs; as these make it possible for them to express themselves fully. The options of LED-illuminated designs are numerous to choose from; so also are the color. You can always pick the design and color that is suitable to the occasion you wish to attend, and also suitable to your taste.

Just in case you have never thought about using LED t8 tube light for your all-night parties, try them out and you will be glad you did.